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The Clarity Sessions

Aug 12, 2019

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Question asked by guest: 

Patty has two books out and she wants to build a bridge between the excitement she has over her books and how to help people actually buy her book. She wants to do more speaking and coaching as a result of her book topics (how to slow down as mothers and how to parent teens). She wants to be more known and have a greater group of people she is reaching. Right now her writing is a hobby and she mostly wants her books to bless others. Patty is working on some videos and wonders if it is better to do Youtube videos or Facebook live.


Brian’s answer: People buy things they want, not what they need. So what is the want behind the need? How do we find what someone will actually pay for? Does Patty have an email list? Youtube is basically a video library and is specific. Facebook live videos are meant for connection.


Brian’s main points: If people have a compelling reason to join a newsletter right away, they will sign up immediately, it doesn’t have to be a slow growth. Is Patty getting paid aside from selling the book (speaking, coaching, etc)? How are people finding out about her? She has all the ingredients for an incredible meal, she just needs the right recipe. People can trust her because she has great word of mouth growth. 


She has social proof because of speaking engagements. She has an audience who needs her help because her audience is all mothers. However, a book that teaches things people already know and may feel guilty about, reading the book means they have to work. 

         *For example, they have to work at slowing down and not feel guilty about it. So for Patty, she needs people to meet her and trust her and feel the personal connection. This would lead to more coaching and book sales. When three or more people ask the same question, make a product to answer that question. 


Facebook live videos are very powerful and help people to not feel alone. Moms of teenagers would want parenting tips with Patty on a Facebook live once a week. Maybe she could do themes each week and Q&A live formats. Mention in each one that she can be available for coaching for more personal questions. Now she has become a “friend,” Facebook groups can then use her videos so she should join those groups and provide value for a week or two, encourage members through posting and answering their questions. Then she could send messages to the admins and offer free videos or a free Facebook live within the group. She should start with broad groups and then look for niches, for parents looking for certain things (religious denominations, geographic locations, activities, etc).