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The Clarity Sessions

Jan 8, 2019

Guest’s Name: Betsi Hill from

How do you get clarity and know that what you want to do is the right thing and then how do you amplify it out to your right audience?

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(Betsi wants to help those people in the 20 to 65 range that don’t think that they have enough ability to enjoy freedom - just have to have a plan. They are semi nomads and says that if they can do it, anyone else can)

Brian’s answer: I love that, well the name of the book, Start with your people. Same answer. Tell me about your people. Who do you feel like you’re here to serve? Who is somebody that you feel like you can make a difference for? Need to narrow down the audience. Think of a target on a bull’s eye. If you take that dart and throw it, you might not hit the bull’s eye, you might not get the 50 points, but maybe you’ll get the 20 or 30 points. But if you have no dart board at all, you’ll never get any points. You have this 40 year span of people you want to serve. I would really focus in on one person. Perhaps it is someone who is 40 years old and not enjoying their job, has freelance writing skills, etc. and she started googling. That’s where she meets Betsi

Brian’s main points:Hone in on the avator. Betsi mentioned Amplify, but for Brian Amplify is actually an acronym - Audience, Message, and  Product. Have to start with your audience. Imagine that this person just turned 40 which is a milestone birthday and it get her thinking about what and where she wants to be in her life. Be very specific about who she is….where does she work, etc. It might be someone you know or a combination of people. Once you’re clear on her, then you get to know what questions she is asking. Your content is just answering her questions. If you’re not writing for a specific person, then you’re just writing randomly or for yourself.  This is totally fine. We all have hobbies like throwing a baseball that you don’t need to have a coach, but if you want to make a living from it, you have to have a professional mindset. You have to decide it is not for you, but instead for your reader. Send an email to your list to ask what people are struggling with. Subject line - One question for you. Real short email, hey it’s Betsi. Where are you struggling the most right now? Hit reply and let me know. You could also quantify it, life direction or location freedom. Brian recommends keeping it open if this is the first time it is sent. The email subscribers when they reply are telling you 2 things - 1. Where they are stuck and 2. How they see you. People will only tell you about their problems if they feel you can help them with a solution or you can empathize with them. You can also do something similar on your facebook page, but it would need more clarity since they’re not on your email list. I’m working on my blog or revamping my website - what would you love to learn. People may write you asking about what type of RV or how do I make money on the road, etc. What is obvious to you is magic to other people. They’ve paid attention to you. Make a list of all the questions from email and facebook. Put it all together for a good plan.